Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the proposed Monument located?

The proposed Mother Road-Mojave Trails National Monument is part of the Route 66 corridor through the California Desert.

What else will the proposed Mother Road-Mojave Trails National Monument protect?

The Monument will protect all existing uses within its boundary.

Additionally, a vast array of cultural treasures would be bundled into Mother Road-Mojave Trails National Monument.  These treasures include:                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Bigelow Cactus Garden—A portion of California’s largest cactus garden
  • Amboy Crater—A National Natural Landmark
  • Sleeping Beauty Valley—the last intact valley representing the West Mojave plant community
  • Afton Canyon—the Mojave River flows year-round amid colorful canyon walls with great camping opportunities
  • Cady Mountains—one of the best places in the Mojave to observe bighorn sheep
  • Marble Mountains Fossil Beds—the site of 550-million-year-old fossils of trilobites

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